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Lunch at Miller and Carter.

Hello all, I thought since I’ve slacked so bad on my blog, I will catch up with approximately one hundred posts just so you all can be assured that I am in fact, alive. I say I’ve been busy, I have but I have also got to have some fun filled weekends in the haze of the busy days and long nights.

For my Mothers 51st birthday on the 14th, I decided to treat her to a special lunch out, often my mother is the one who treats me, takes care of me and takes me out for lunch or a coffee trip, so I thought for a change, I’d do the treating. I booked into a local steakhouse and arranged to meet with my Mum on the Saturday morning following an eyelash appointment.

True to form, we had a browse of the shops and arrived earlier than expected for lunch – we were actually locked out. I knew we should have had a fly cup before headed, damn. Anyway, a short walk after, we were allowed access and greeted by friendly staff members who took our coats and had us seated at a window table.

What was best, the wine came fast, just what we needed to wind down and chill out on a Saturday with. My Mum is my best friend so most things we do together and I like it that way. We shortly ordered mains – I opted for a steak burger and Mum went with schnitzel. Both immediately impressed with the food and the service, I knew my Mum was feeling good and that is exactly how I wanted her birthday to be. A day just for Mum to feel loved and appreciated as unfortunately, often we forget to say how much we love our family and appreciate them. There is no excuse frankly, but all too often we take those we hold close for granted.

Since becoming a Mother myself, I am determined to treat life with more gratitude, be more sure of my surroundings and try to be more focused on those close. Time is short and life can pass all too quickly. I think taking time out to enjoy and appreciate those we love is the most important gift you can give to someone as after all time is precious. Anyway, enough soppiness. Following our mains we were kindly offered the dessert menu which we glazed over with awe but truthfully couldn’t handle as we had full tummies from our mains and were patiently waiting our daily flat white.

Much to my surprise, and Mum’s for that matter, our lovely waitress very kindly returned with a Birthday profiterole plate for my Mum, complete with chocolate sauce spelling out ‘Happy Birthday’ – a lovely gesture and only added to the excellent service which we had received. My mum was delighted if slightly embarrassed and I was just glad to see her smile so widely, a lovely treat and proves that the little things go a long way. Miller and Carter , I will always look upon this trip out fondly and will definitely return in the near further.

Euan?…it is my Birthday soon.. hint, hint.

After lunch we met with my sister and went for a further browse before calling it a day and grabbing our long sought after coffees. It’s pumpkin spice season after all. I headed home early and left my Mum and Sister behind so that I could spend time with my own family, soon after arriving home we all snuggled up and had a rare old snooze, just what was needed after a long day touring the town and socialising. The older I become, the more unable I am to cope with long periods of social affairs, the days of going out and probably not even coming home for a day at a time due to having too much fun partying with friends are truly over – give me family naps and 9pm bed times any day.

As I finish up my post my eyes are escaping to the back of my head, true to form before 10pm. These 5am starts, long days on your feet and Mother duties really take toll. This girl needs a magic face serum, some anti ageing pills and oh, how about energy? What is that? Ashamedly, I can’t even stay up and have a wee gin with my Husband – he is probably rolling his eyes in the next room at my poor social abilities yet again. Anyway, not to pass my internal curfew, I am off to catch some sleep. Your girl has a hot chocolate date with her Mum tomorrow, better catch some beauty sleep.

Sink or swim; swimming lessons with my Two year old.

I’ve chosen to wrote an update about swimming lessons I attend with my two year old each Tuesday – or rather on the Tuesdays we feel like going. It has taken me two rounds of lessons, and a whole lot of practice to finally feel comfortable attending group swimming lessons. Why? because I myself, hate the water and cannot swim.

You can imagine how that looks as I try to tell my Daughter she is doing great and begrudgingly duck my head under the water, acting as cool as can be when inside I am on fire and my anxiety is screaming.

I guess the reason behind this post is to suggest, if I can do it, so can anyone. I know in the long run the swimming will benefit Eleanor greatly, it is after all a life skill but that doesn’t make it any easier to face each week. I guess, I don’t worry about it the night before anymore and I go to class knowing I am in this for my Daughter but it doesn’t mean it comes naturally. You best believe me, when the half hour is up – WE ARE OUT.

I was never great at swimming, I have poor coordination and my parents never once came swimming with me, sure they had taken me to class but it was often stressful and my Dad never liked to hang around which didn’t really give a great confidence boost. Perhaps had I had more interaction with my parents and better confidence boosts I’d have been a natural, or at least I’d not want to well up any time I edge near a pool.

I am doing this for my Daughter and actively making lessons fun and exciting for her, only in recent weeks has Eleanor come round to the idea of swimming and began to join in with the class, be happy to get under the water and even attempt to jump in. A great success, especially from weeks ago at the beginning when it was just tears, outbursts and awkward pulling down on my swim top leaving me part exposed. Nice.

We once again joined the local council swimming lessons, the first time was perhaps too soon following on the newborn stage. A swimming lesson in a lukewarm pool in November with a crying eight week old was never going to work, but..we tried. Nowadays, We work together as a team in the water and if Eleanor doesn’t want to join in with an activity, I encourage her to watch the class and often after some time, she is then happy to join in and grins with glee knowing she too, took part in the group activities and could do it with ease.

I am happy with the confidence my girl shows recently and I know if we put our minds to it, we can achieve anything together. I am working to give her the best possible future and pass on as much skills as I can to make her transition through the years to a Woman as easy as possible. You can’t ever have enough skills, enough knowledge and I firmly believe every little helps , no matter the costs or the fear. A better future for my child is what comes first and if I can pass to her some life skills and confidence to be her own person , I will know I have done the best that I can as a Mother.

We are skipping swim class today as it is pouring rain and we are opting for cuddles, dancing like crazies and movies. Oh, and of course noodles for lunch but next week we will get back to it and work harder than the last. It is nice to have a break once in a while and reflect, it isn’t failing if you choose to take some time out and actually, it can do more good than bad. For now though, I’ll not feel guilty about choosing to cuddle on this awful rainy day. These moments pass too soon to miss.