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Baby led massage class. A six week block introducing the art of baby massage.

I have chosen to write about a recent experience of baby massage. As a new family of three, we have been attending a baby massage class each Sunday morning for the past five weeks. I wish to share my experience of this class with you.

Baby massage was not something that I had heard of ,nor looked into. I didn’t realise just how many benefits surrounds baby massage – for both the parent and baby, until we began to explore massage through a tutor taught class.

22277925_179682802578709_3576382154566795264_n The six week block of massage class was gifted to us by a friend who was not able to attend. We are so very grateful of this and cannot explain just how much it helped us as a new family still finding our feet. The class had me excited each Sunday morning, we all look forward to it. Every week is new and a learning experience. At home we continue to work with massages at home throughout the week.

There are so many benefits of baby massage, benefits that I was unaware of until further investigation and exploring through each weekly session. This includes;

  • Soothing baby
  • Aiding digestion
  • Improving circulation
  • Help with teething
  • Bonding

Baby massage class was taken as a block of six individual, ninety minute sessions held locally at the home of our tutor. A cosy and comfortable environment where everyone was made to feel welcome and encouraged to make themselves feel at home. As a family, this made us feel at ease. On our first session we were given a bottle of baby massage oil to use during each session. The oil used was organic sunflower oil, safe to use on newborn skin and at each visit we were faced with a instruction guide that had the new strokes noted down to refer to. This made the class very easy to follow, we had no issues with keeping up. Saying that, the classes were never rushed and the tutor ran through at a steady pace which would allow each participant to keep up.

There was no judgement, we were mixed with another couple and three Mothers who frequented the class. The group who we attended with were all so lovely, it was great being able to share experiences with other new parents. We learned a lot from the others in our class and took on board some helpful tips and tricks that were suggested over the weeks. The room was an open book and no question was silly.

During our course of massage, we were taught the proper techniques to ensure a thorough and safe massage experience for baby. Over the weeks we learned how to massage each area of the body and what the benefits of massage were for each body part. Eleanor particularly enjoys the leg and stomach massage. I think with the stomach massage it really does help aid with digestion and release blockages. Digestion is something which does trouble Eleanor quite a lot but with the interference and help from regular massage/medication, this does seem to ease up and allow room for relief.

21688753_342667929508026_8086493141336588288_n The first massage session explored the art of massage and what this can aid. Throughout the running of the course, we slowly worked from the legs up to the face using the correct techniques required for a fulfilling massage. During each class we would learn to introduce new strokes to carry out on a different part of the body.

Each massaged limb is matched with a playful rhyme to sing along to which added to the experience and helped with remembering the correct strokes. The rhymes also helped with getting everyone to join in and have a little fun.

 (Who’s that tickling my tummy? Is it a caterpillar? No, it’s my mummy!)

I allowed for Euan to carry out each massage on Eleanor as a bonding aid. As I nurse her alone, we thought that it would be great for Euan to take some alone time with Eleanor to bond and carry out the massage. I was taught the massage strokes on a doll which meant that I didn’t miss out. I could still learn and practice all of the moves that were being taught each week.

As you can imagine, trying to carry out a  bodily massage on a newborn is no easy task. There were sessions where Eleanor along with the other babies was just not in the mood and grumbled her way through. I found that I spent a lot of my time in the class having to nurse her, after all, she is one hungry newborn and we would have never expected a full attention span. The time frame that Eleanor would allow for massage was small but certainly worthwhile and on the good days, we would almost get a full massage done before she would become restless and kick up a little fuss. She has been a little gem throughout.

The class was baby led, and our tutor was so understanding . Each parent in the class was on the same boat and each baby had their moments. Each session was different and unpredictable. It was lovely to be part of a group that were understanding of the position that you are in, we didn’t ever feel alone.

22277435_120900745250020_6157059970727673856_n A nice touch to the class was that at he beginning and end of each session there was time allowed for a small group discussion and for parents to share their experiences and ask any questions. I found that this was great and we often come away from class with reassurance as well as a handful of little tips/tricks that we could introduce into our home life.

Each class had room for a break mid session, refreshments were at hand and time was allowed to feed and change your baby if required. The break was much welcome and merged well into the session.

Our fifth session of massage class was spent at a local photography studio. Photographs were taken all through the session to capture the essence f baby massage in all it’s glory. A nice touch and a reminder of the class experience. Baby massage has taught us so many techniques and life long lessons which we will continue to practice from the comfort of home.

The benefits from having attending the class have shined through and I certainly feel that after a massage session no matter how little massaging is carried out, Eleanor is super chilled out for the rest of the afternoon. In fact, after a class, all three of us are relaxed and often spend the afternoon snuggled up on the sofa together!

Overall, I am very thankful that we had the opportunity to attend this block of massage classes and so grateful to our tutor for her help and patience. It has been a fab experience for all of us, one that I would recommend and encourage any parents of a newborn to experience for themselves. Give it a try – the benefits are endless. I feel this class has really helped me to feel comfortable with my baby and the outside environment. I have learned skills that will stay with me and gained a positive mindset surrounding my baby and this whole new lifestyle that I am still very much getting to grips with.

I cannot thank baby massage enough for the experience that it has awarded us and allowed us to share as a new family.


Keren x


No, the housework can’t wait.


I have chosen to share my views today surrounding becoming a new Mother and juggling the daily household tasks and general maintenance around the home. Something I am sure that all Mum’s dread. I have decided to write about this as it plays a big part in my life, perhaps more so than it should. Or I should let it.

Housework, a drag to each of us on any regular day. Throw a baby (literally) into the mix and it becomes a race to complete the daily chores. You feel that it is never ending and these days, in my case.. it really is never ending. I find that I get through one lot of chores only to have to begin again. It is an endless and thankless task.

All too often, especially of late, I have been told that the housework can wait. That it will be there for another day, during this time period I should take it easy. Strangers when out shopping have even warned to take it easy. Weird, I know.

I should sleep when my baby sleeps. Take all the rest I can. In my experience, this is much easier said than done. It is all too easy to tell someone to rest or to sleep when they can. I, as a breastfeeding, mess obsessed, Mother of a two week old, cannot rest. I cannot go for a nap knowing that the bathroom is waiting be cleaned or that the bedding is to be stripped and washed. It is not my nature. I can only settle when all is in order.

I am definitely obsessed with mess and cleaning up, my obsession frustrates me and those around me. I hate being surrounded by clutter and the sign of a mess building up builds a great anxiety within and sends my OCD; obsessive compulsive disorder, into overdrive. I cannot simply leave things be, I must interfere. As soon as I notice any crumb or dog hair, I’m at it with the Dyson. No matter what time of the day (or night) it is.

 I  am a maniac for hoovering and have recently discovered that I can hoover as well as do a good surface wipe down as I breastfeed my baby. This is super convenient,  if not a little risky (there have been no accidents yet, Eleanor is fine, don’t worry)

I know that with a new baby, I should try to relax and catch some alone time. It is important, especially to take are of myself. Mess is imminent and cleaning up CAN wait, it is my mindset that cannot. I’m on edge knowing that I should be doing something. I do feel that I’m wasting my time when I’m on a manic clean spree and I do feel guilty that this is time where I could be lying with my baby and sneaking in some cuddles as she sleeps. There is simply so much else to be doing or worrying about. Life doesn’t wait and I am missing out on those precious little moments with Eleanor, I am very aware of this.


Yes, newborns don’t do very much and there is not so much to be missing out on. Though, I don’t catch every whimper, ever grimace, smile or even snore due to the fact I am running around trying to extend my capabilities and get whatever it is I must get done. Important or not. This still brings me guilt and I wish I could just relax push the over excessive anxieties aside and just take the time to chill and watch over my baby girl.

I simply cannot help this cleaning obsession I have been struck with. I don’t know when it really began, I suppose I’ve always been a neat freak and had set ways, I like things to be tidy and in place. If something is ever out of place, I have to fix it there and then. Dining table place mats, coasters, photo frames, I could go on.. and on. I just can’t relax when there is mess around. Some will perceive mess in a much different way than I do, what I think is messy doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will.

I need to try to find a way to relax my mind and break this horrible habit. I don’t want to miss out on time I could be spending with my baby due to some crazy obsession. I know there is a happy medium out there and I know that mess isn’t the end of the world. I just have to work on chilling out and taking that little bit of extra time for myself, and for my baby girl. I need to work on this unhealthy routine I have got myself into and improve myself for the benefit of my baby, my family and finding the right balance. As far as balance goes.

Let’s be honest, spending the weekend worrying about the household chores is no way to be spending time with the family. Especially now, with Euan back at work and family time being so strained. I’ll post an update soon with my thoughts and how I am getting on as I try to break old habits and get into a healthy mindset. Here’s hoping come a little time I will be able to kick off those shoes, get my slippers on, and sit back with my family to embrace full relaxation mode – without eyeing up potential spots to polish!