Adapting to life as an offshore Wife; Living between two homes.

From September 2018, my Husband Euan began a new career opportunity and change was coming, while I’ve been used to having him at home with me at all times, this was all about to change merely weeks after we wed, he was going to begin to do work offshore; ad hoc work but this still meant getting to grips with a new normal. Longer shifts, later nights and earlier starts; oh and not to mention moving back into my Parents home with Eleanor and Fern while he spends time away from home.

Every twenty somethings idea of hell, right? Moving back home after being moved out for years. It’s not that I dislike being with my immediate family or spending time at my parents but to have to move in and live under a whole different household and set of rules when you are used to your own ways and routine while trying to raise and discipline your baby your way.

Well, it’s tough and if I’m honest it breaks me down a little as I feel like I dont have it together as I should and I worry that I’m not providing my Daughter with any form of stability. I feel guilty for confusing her with having two homes and continuing to have change all around her. I am sure so many of you can relate, perhaps not with the whole moving between two homes gig but with having partners working away from home while you raise a young family?

I won’t lie, the prospect of a new career and the opportunity that it could bring to my Husband made the job too good to pass on, he was stuck in a job he had no interest for and desperate to track down something new to challenge his development on a personal and professional level. When invited to join a new work force after a hefty interview it was a no brainer really, the only problem was that some of the work was offshore. A whole different kettle of fish.

This meant that life as we had known it would change. Longer shifts, a change in routine for everyone and the need to move into my parents during trips away. There is no reason as to why I couldn’t stay at our family home but having to be a working Mum, tend to a dog and our Daughter would be too much work single handed, especially with having no help at home other then the support of my Husband when he is around.

The idea of trying to get the whole morning routine done and dusted alone, run around to and from childcare, make work in good time then rush home to see to meal times, bath times and bed times while working and having to care for a dog who needs excercised efficiency was just deemed too much for one person to handle.

I mean, I could manage but it would leave little alone time and the stress of being isolated and so full on would be unhealthy for me, especially with underlying health problems and being socially anxious. It is upsetting enough to me that just after a few weeks of marriage life was to change all over again and I had little choice but to adapt and find a new normal.

You may laugh, I’m aware that this situation and ability to adapt may come easy for some but as I have always been around Euan, every single day and have a small child,I can say that I don’t cope being alone too well and that the idea of change and an upheave of routine does bring me a deal of sadness and torment. My idea of marriage life was a lot different to my reality that is now the norm. A phonecall every other night from my Husband in the middle of the North sea wasn’t really on the agenda if I’m honest but here we are and here I am struggling to manage with little contact and such brief conversation.

Offshore work Is not something I will ever get used to and each time my Husband leaves I have a heavy heart. I worry about safety,the flights and the work load that has to be carried out. It breaks my wee heart when my baby goes to bed shouting out for “Daaa-Da” or wakes and hunts under the pillows for him? Hanging up after calls and realising that I’m alone and being alone on weekends, going to bed after a stressful day without Euan to cuddle or talk with is hard for me.

I’m only human and I can’t do it all as much as I wish I could, I raise my hand and can say I need help from time to time. We established that when Euan leaves for work when required, Eleanor and I ship ourselves off to my parents house. It’s a ten minute drive, next to the nursery and there are several busses I can my work. I have someone there at all times who I can rely on to care for Eleanor when I have to leave early and if I don’t get home in good time. It offers me some companionship and a safe haven almost. At my parents we can wind down, enjoy a little extra space and I can take a bubble bath while Eleanor plays happily with her Aunt or Grandmother.

On my days off and weekends we take trips to the local store and the park, there’s not a lot to do and with the weeks being such a crazy rush, missing Euan and feeling exhausted there’s not really a lot that I feel up to doing in honesty. It’s not the same while you are in your own company and I do get lonely and upset I suppose but I take solace in the fact that we are in good company and there is always a good spread of food to ease the burden of tough days and lonely nights.

The night before Euan leaves for offshore is always crazy busy, we pack to change homes and I have to ensure all the washing, dishes, the home is left in good order and tidy so that when we move back home (this sounds crazy) it is a plesant environment to return to with little chores required other than the abundance of washing..uhhh. Honestly, the iron pile gives me the fear and I don’t do the ironing in our household.

As if having my Husband leave was bad enough, the preparation and build up to his leaving is real hard going g for me and I do stress to get things sorted and completed in good time. The packing and going between two homes is absolutely crazy but until we can have a home of our own and gain some form of stability this is the only option for us right now, or at least the only option that doesn’t involve any extra work.

Though still very new, I don’t think that I will ever get this right or ever be able to grasp having my Husband leaving to work away from home. There’s so much worry that comes when he leaves and to have his help with the little things such as bath time be taken away is really hard. I now bathe my baby at my mum’s in the bath tub with I shower at the same time and have to weigh up who needs to get dry first as she cries and tries to throw herself out of the bath to reach me.

Or get this, having to head to bed at 7pm and be confined to the bedroom as I can’t leave Eleanor alone yet she requires a bed time of around 7pm. At home I’d put her into her cot bed and know she was safe, but at my parents we have a single bed to share and I can’t leave the room for worry she will roll out or wake when I’m gone, even running to the loo in the middle of the night is a risk. I can’t exactly wake my sister from her bed to watch my Daughter while I take a wee.

The challenges are endless and I feel alone most of the time, especially being limited to times that I can talk to Euan on the phone and having to go to bed at 7pm most nights and be subject to the one room with no television, company or much to entertain myself. My situation is so difficult on me just now and I realise that not every Wife of an offshore Husband has this runaround. This situation is very much my own and certainly not how I pictured my married life to start off.

I am learning and I am growing but I’m still fragile with all of this and I can only hope that it is all worthy of a good cause and helps my Husband get where he wants to be with his career and also help us to have the financial boost needed to enjoy a holiday , save for a family home and have some little luxuries now and again. Right now, this all just feels like a bit of a black hole and I feel lost in honesty.

I don’t know if I am fulfilling my role as a Wife, a Mother – especially when I’m so pushed in so many ways and I certainly am not able to fulfill any career potential due to not being flexible right now with working part time. I don’t feel like a home will ever be in our depth. I feel like I’m kind of losing at everything all while not always having my Husband around to talk with properly or have the extra support at home from.

Ask me again how I’m adapting to life as a Wife of an offshore Husband.. I’m not but I’m doing the best that I can. Anyone else struggle with a partner who spends time away from home on a regular basis? Anyone raising a young family alone while working? I’d love to hear from you and how or if you cope. What coping mechanisms you have for holding it together even on the bad days? I am going to try work on more yoga and writing as I feel this really helps take my all that goes on in my head and pining for the old life we had when Euan worked at home. It’s so easy to take it all for granted until one day it’s gone.

Anyway, now that I’ve blabbed my way through my mind, I best be off, I’m back to work tomorrow after the Christmas holidays and you’ve guessed it, I’m moving up to Mum’s with my life thrown into three plastic carriers.God help me.

Here we go again..

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

I will put my hands up and be the first to admit that the festive period has brought with it much indulgence that otherwise without the excuse of Christmas, I’d frown upon. Two years ago I was pregnant, last year I was nursing a new born so when this Christmas came around, there was no stopping me falling off the rails a little and enjoying rich foods and an evening tipple every other night.

When I say falling off the rails, I don’t mean I’ve gone full alcoholic and been rattling down bottles of grey goose or crying into my gin glass, but I’ve enjoyed myself with a glass of prosecco, a late night gin (7pm) when the baby has been bedded and I’ve snacked on all things I dare not to think of (I’m basically half human, half chocolate bar) .

Anyway, I was going to use this post to share a wee insight of how I spent the last weekend of the festive break. It’s been an amazing two weeks off with Euan and Eleanor, at home surrounded by family and close friends. I’d not have spent this any other way and it may be the best Christmas yet. The time off to wind down together after a busy year yet again has been so special. On our last weekend of the holidays before I head back to work and Euan offshore, we planned to have an afternoon out just the two of us and had Eleanor over at my mum’s for a sleepover.

A sleepover, yep! We had free reign to do as we pleased and we tried to make the very most of it and squeeze in everything we enjoyed. We got dressed up and headed off out for an adventure. This began with a walk to town and a coffee to go as we browsed the stores. Picked up a few bargains and some holiday goods and it was nice to be able to think while shopping without having to rush out of the store with the baby crying or trying to grab at anything she possibly could.


Next up was the cinema, a firm favourite outing of ours. Obviously we went for a popcorn and juice to share, mixed popcorn and an ice cold tango orange. Bliss. We went to see Holmes and Watson, a comedy take on good old Sherlock. Not a movie I’d ever give the time of day to again but it made us chuckle and wind down together. It was slim pickings while choosing a film so we opted for silly over anything else and though the movie was poor, we had a rare time giggling at the bad jokes and snacking.

We then decided to go for cocktails at a local haunt, las iguanas. A chilled out atmosphere, good company and a great range of seriously delicious cocktails – oh and a handsome Husband on hand, it was perfect. We each had two cocktails, both packed just enough of a punch without being too deadly. Just the right amount of a hit to get our mood elevated and prepare us for our dinner booked for 8pm.


It was amazing to sit, take in the outside world and relax in our own wee zone, not something we can do very often or like to do when we have Eleanor around. We love alone time together, but without our Daughter, we are lost and tend to pine for her while she’s away as she’s part of us, she’s on our team and to be apart from her is really quite difficult even if we do cry out for alone time when times are hard and the pressure rises.

To be out on a date day and enjoying one another’s company is the therapy we needed as it is always so important to take time out for one another and just be at peace. We had booked a table at the buffet for 8pm, a risque move as we never leave feeling too well. Having had little to eat during the day to set ourselves up for a night feast we were ready to take on any challenge. We managed a few plates of food each, a variety of all sorts just as you expect from a buffet.

Finished up with a dessert plate , though as I filled up on noodles,I couldn’t manage a lot more, my tummy was aching and likely craving fruit but I still took one for the team and tried a little of various pudding. I done my sweet tooth and my stomach proud.

Before heading off we grabbed some fortune cookies for the road, one for Eleanor too but before we could leave we found ourselves engaged in conversation with a couple who had been sat next to us, low and behold one hour later we were just catching the bill, not only did we over indulge with food we were spoiled for company, an unusual situation and one we made the most of. It’s nice to get chatting to strangers from time to time. I’ve never left a restaurant so late (10pm) to be precise.

We got back home, got ready for bed and I can safely say, I had the best sleep I’ve had since pregnancy. To be able to stretch out, cuddle and sleep in without any disturbance from Eleanor through the night was amazing. I missed her dearly of course but the time alone as a couple was just a real treat.

Proud to say that I kept my end of the bargain with my New Year resolutions to be more generous. I treated Euan to cocktails and dinner before he leaves for offshore, a gentle thank you for the best two weeks of Christmas and all he does not just over thet holidays but every day.

Here is to being generous and keeping up good habits, life’s too short to be anything but kind. Now to get back to saving for a house, wish us luck!!

Hogmanay at Scolty hill.

Well, it is that time of year again and it is so great to be at home and enjoying the festive break with my little family. A time of reflection,  indulgence, love and future planning. I don’t know about you but I am ending 2018 on a high, it has been good and I leave the year feeling thankful and happy.

What to do for NYE? Well, for myself, nothing beats getting up, getting out and going for a brisk walk in the fresh air huh? In my opinion, a dose of fresh air and getting away to the countryside for a day of exploring doesn’t really compare to much else. It brings a sort of contentment that not even a shopping trip can bring.


As a family we love to spend quality time together and we love to be outdoors. To explore and to go on search of adventure. I like to take photographs and be out in force with nature, oh – and be with my family of course so when Hogmanay came around it was a no brainer for finding a family activity.


We got up early, grabbed our dog Fern and off we went to the hills. We opted to go back to Scolty, a nice walk and a good length for Eleanor and what she can tolerate while bobbing about in the sling. If you ask me she had it easy being carried around by Dad, eating snacks and avoiding having both feet lost into a puddle of gooey mud or as I like to call it, sinking sand. Besides Fern loves to be off lead and roaming free, she’s happiest at the forest as we all are.

We took a new route this trip, something to mix it up a little but  we came to conclude that we strolled off track, got a little lost and ended up in some mass of swamp land, or at least it seemed so. You better believe that I was that person who “didn’t need any help” , done it my own way and nearly ended face down into a pool of muck. Blamed it all on Euan too, naturally.


Both feet soaked, mud squelching around my toes and a face on like a slapped arse I suppose the walk didn’t go quite like I had pictured at first, however, we laughed together, enjoyed a nice conversation and surrounded ourselves with the great outdoors so I’d say it made for a pretty successful morning of New Year’s Eve, even if 24 hours later my shoes are still sitting out to dry.

From my family to yours, wishing everyone a Happy New Year and good health, all the best.



New Year? New resolution.

Ah, Hogmanay, you came around fast! Yes, that’s right, we are at the time of year again where we make peace with the cards that were dealt, the resolutions we didn’t keep up and the diet we failed. Yet, here we are, making more resolutions we won’t keep, signing up to the gym we won’t commit to and making plans that won’t happen. 2018, you’ve been alright but it is time to wave goodbye and move on.

This time a year ago, I was sat on the couch with my young baby and waiting for Euan to get in from work, it feels as though the New Year was just mere weeks ago, I’m stunned to be seeing the end of 2018 so soon. I suppose as it’s the time of reflection and looking back, I will join in along with the crowds and share my cliche resolution, though this is something I don’t plan to quit on and I want to follow through, not just because of the New Year approaching, but because I feel as though I owe it to my friends, family and myself. I’m going to start the New Year not with a BANG nor great deal of excitement and ‘I wants’ but with a sense of giving, generosity and kindness. 

There won’t be no partying until 5AM here, I’ll be comfortable and cosy at home with my family, playing with my baby on the floor, drinking a hot chocolate with marshmallows and watching a Christmas DVD with the last of the Celebrations. Years ago, I’d be horrified at this idea of the New Year but I’ve come to be quite at peace to be at home and with my family because that is after all what makes my heart happy and I’d not have  it any other way.

My New Years resolution is to be more kind and generous. This year I have received a great deal of kindness and patience from those around me and now, I want to give back a little. No, this isn’t just another cliche or something to take lightly, moving forward with life as one must, I am stepping into a New Year with a new perspective. I’m going to consider others and act with kindness this year, It’s not that I am unkind, mean or greedy but I just want to give a bit more and to feel at peace doing so. 

My Mother is such a kind woman who thinks of anyone but herself and though this trait comes with it’s own faults and downfall (think disappointment for instance) I want to share just a glimmer of her kindness and to be more people orientated, to consider and cherish others more than I do of myself. I’ve come to realise I don’t need anything and that pleasure in life comes from the little things like making others smile, sharing a meal, taking a walk on a beautiful day, watching my baby grow and play. Happiness doesn’t come from things nor greediness, happiness comes from within to those who seek it. 

I’m moving forward into a New Year as myself but working on being a better version of myself and if I can bring a little joy to those around me in the process, I’ll treat that as having been successful in my resolutions. I don’t have many hopes, aspirations or dreams for the pending year, I just wish to become at peace with myself and to bring happiness and love to those who I love. Oh and Euan, if you are reading this, I’d like to have a baby and a Yorkshire terrier to add to our wee family…just saying. 

Please god let me have a teacup terrier. Alright, enough. Now that I’ve shared my resolution, how about letting me in on yours? Anyone have any hopes, plans or aspirations for the New Year?



My go to beauty products of the moment

Hi guys, I’ve abandoned the old blog of late, it hasn’t been an intentional break, more just a lack of time. Being back at work, tending to a baby and going between two homes is a bit crazy. While I’ve got a minute to spare, I thought I’d ease myself back in with a plesant wee post on my top beauty picks of the past three months.

I’ll get into a real talk blog soon, I just need Eleanor to nap to give myself the required time to think and write, for now though, I’ll keep it simple with a little but bit of glam for you all, I’m going to show and share all about my beauty products that are getting me through the dark Winter. Here goes..

As a lover of all things beauty products and make up, I thought I’d share some of what I’ve been using lately, my favourite and most trusted make up products that can be used all through the year, day or night wether you are on or off duty. Just the right amount of glossy without over doing it, I’ll call it every day glam but as it’s Winter and the party season after all we can also go with Festive glam. Whatever works, either way, I can assure that these products wont disappoint by any means, you can rely on them through any make up triumohs and disasters. Once in your make up bag, they will be there to stay. Promise.

First up; Benefit – Roller Lash.


A Christmas gift from my Mum and a top pick. I always love Benefit make up, it is my go to counter and never fails.

This mascara gives a full lash look without the clumping, one application is enough and it stays put all day. In fact, it can be tough to remove so make sure you have a good eye make up remover involved in your bed time routines. This is absolutely fabulous and I’d not be without it, my best mascara yet and I love the fact it doesn’t clump or make my eyes look too bulky. Well done Benefit, you’ve done it again.

Urban Decay – Illuminated


If you are like myself and love a glowy look, this is the highlight for you. Subtle and light, it gives a gentle coverage which can be used all over or just on points which you wish to highlight such as the bow of the lip, the cheekbones and above the brow lines.

However you like to highlight, this highlighter can do it all and provide a light to heavy coverage depending on application. The highlight isn’t too powerful and doesn’t have the immediate wow factor which makes it great for an easy going, day to day glow. Suitable for wearing to and from work. It does require topping up to keep your skin glowing but as it comes in a compact and with a brush, you can reapply throughout the day.

MAC – prissy princess palette


An eyeshadow palette I can wear time and time again . Filled with earthy hues, metallics and nudes you really have all you need. This can create so many looks and can take you from a subtle day time nude to a party smokey eye in just a short application.

A mix of several different sized shadows in various shades and gorgeously packaged, what more can a girl want? This palette would make for a gorgeous gift but be warned you might just want to keep it for yourself! Seriously gorgeous packaging and a real treat no matter who it is for, there is little not to love.

The colours are vivid and bright and give a lasting coverage. I apply my eye shadow after I prime my eyes so my shadow stays for the day but you don’t need to prep and prime as this shadow goes on really smooth and takes straight away. My only fault Is that the palette doesn’t come with an eyeshadow brush.

Benefit – Porefessional.


A favourite of mine since the beginning of time and one of my first ever purchases at the Benefit counter. A discreet tube filled with a cream like serum in a shade suited to any skin tone and type. Porefessional may not look like much but it packs a punch and gives the perfect prime and finish to any look.

I like how versitile this is, I mean, you can wear it alone to give the impression of a smooth complexion, beneath make up as a primer to make for a super silky look or even on top of make up to finish your look off with a matte coverage all around.

You need only a small amountaand it works wonders. I love the silky feel it has to it, makes putting on make up a real treat. With such a small tube it’s also easy to throw into your bag and use to top up your make up through the day.

What’s even better? As it’s not a powder, there isn’t even any mess left behind or the need to dust off your top afterwards. Hallelujah. All your make up prayers have been answered. At around £25 it can be quite pricey but definitely value for money and it does a good job – you’re welcome


Reuse, recycle. Making a conscious effort to strip back on the new and explore vintage.

It’s hard to break a habit that has existed for a lifetime. I’m trying to become more conscious of my spending and to strip back on buying new. Is another faux fur necessary? I’m looking to re explore my wardrobe and learn to love vintage again. To be at peace with what I have, work with what I have got and stop buying unnecessary purchases that I may or may not wear.


To keep up with fashion is impossible, each week there is a new high street trend, catwalk favourite and so on. With a low budget and lack of time to explore fashion much any more, I’ve decided to strip back completely and to wear my old pieces that I have loved before. Albeit some. Items are still attached to there original tags, three years down the line.

It’s crazy to think how much we waste shopping and trying to keep up with latest trends and street wear. Each year the trends remain the same, I’m tired of the mundane and predictable online shopping. I want to update my wardrobe with one off pieces, urban renewal clothing and art deco style jewellery. I love the 70s and draw much inspiration from that era, the whole disco look just sucks me in. I need to hunt down pieces that I really love and feel that for one off pieces and pulling looks together, vintage has everything to offer and more.

The high street is forever adapting to update store fronts and bring in new stock to meet the changing trends and keep up with the cat walk designers it becomes an endless cycle and as soon as you get into one new seasonal trend, gingham for Summer, faux for Autumn and leathers for Winter, the cycle starts all over. It has become a bit boring, there are only so many times the cycle can repeat itself and I’m seeing the same items crop up over and over. Snore.

With this in mind, bored by the mainstream high street, I’m going to try something new, to have fun with my current wardrobe, to mix it up with not new, but vintage pieces found at local markets charity stores and online retailers such as Etsy, which I already love.

I’m looking to explore and update my style through the hidden gems I have had stashed away for months, to get the use out of previous worn once only items and to really fall in love with finding my own style and doing fashion my way. Not by the way of the magazines for a change.

My budget as a working Mum on a part time wage can’t keep up with past shopping habits and my iterest to keep up has long dimished. I don’t want to have the newest dress on the block, to continue to fall into the shopping trap, it’s a consumer market out there for sure and I’m done with it and the waste.

My love of clothing and personal style is as strong as ever, with a penchant for pretty dresses, glitter and chandelier earrings but my eyes have been opened to the online world of vintage, and I know fashion doesn’t have to be new to be cool, to be loved and that style varies for everyone, it is what makes us unique. I’m excited to dive further into my ever changing personal style with the help of vintage and preloved clothing and garments by my side. My style has changed so much over the years and I’m excited to find out what comes next. I like to mix grunge and bohemian. To mix party girl dressing with street wear. I don’t do too good at casual wear but it’s growing on me.

I’m going to look to update my wardrobe with classic and timeless pieces that I can wear over and over again, not just on a one off. I’m going to invest in key pieces and hunt down bits and bobs from vintage stores and marketplaces to update what I already own. I’m going to create my own style and I’m going to have fun exploring and playing around.

I could shop until I drop but frankly, my budget won’t allow much shopping at this stage, my priority is saving to move to a family home, saving for Eleanor’s future. I’ve set myself a challenge to buy vintage and old items only for the next three months to see how I do. No Topshop, no Urban Outfitters, and no Doc Martens (miss you already). Here goes, a challenge that I hope can shape the way that I shop for the future and can teach myself how to fall in love with style and get out from the consumer trap. With this challenge not only can I look to prepare for more important things but I can also save the planet a little and stop with the waste.

I’ve worked through my wardrobe over the past few months and done a real good cleanse, rid of anything I haven’t or don’t wear. I’m moving on with my life and in this case it’s out with the new and in with the old. Wish me luck. If you have any favourite vintage clothing and jewellery stores or wee treasure chests hidden away, please, share with me. I’d love to know and dive right in to a world of vintage and pre loved. Reuse, recycle after all.


Keren x

My Bridal style.

Hi again, as previously mentioned I am now writing as a married woman, a little crazy, right? Seems that it wasn’t so long ago I just started dating, Euan and now here we are. A home, a baby and a marriage. Life can be a funny thing and take you in all directions. Some you, I, didn’t even think were possible. I’ve always said I’d be open about our wedding arrangements, the day, the looks, the photographs, so here I am writing this blog for you all at 11.04pm as everyone else sleeps.


I’ll not dive right into the whole Wedding day round up right now as it would be impossible to put it all down and give it justice with my words. I’m still trying to process the whole day, the hype and buzz around it all and I am trying to get used to being known as a Mrs, or a wife.

I’ll start off the batch of my wedding day blogs lightly, I’d like to share with you some pictures of my bridal style. Not your typical white wedding. Not quite the pristine Bride and not very traditional but I made my wedding day my own and composed my look in a way that fitted around my personal style.

I opted for a yellow dress, yes, yellow. A high street gown In my favourite colour with a cowl neck, low back and a side split up the leg. Ankle grazing in length and a satin material. There wasn’t much to my dress, it was sleek and simple. A classic cut and classic style. The colour spoke for itself. I teamed my dress with some glitter gold fingernails and a bouquet of lillies and foilage. Again, keeping it simple and classic.


Worn with a champagne faux fur stole which I bought from an etsy store and accessorised with a blue brooch my Mother purchased for me. Along with my stole, I accessoried with some chandelier rhinestone earrings with a hint of blue and a rather large, rather shiny tiara which matched the earrings perfect.I had a garter but I chose not to wear this as it was noticeable through my satin dress and gave the effect of a lumpy leg.

The earrings and brooch worked with the whole something blue carry on and the tiara made me feel like a little bit of a Princess, even though initially I wanted nothing that would draw attention or cause a fuss. Here I am on my Wedding day wearing a yellow gown, and accessories that would blind you if you caught them in the light. You have to laugh at the irony.


_20180905_020109I wore Carvela rhinestone shoes in a grey/silver tone with painted red toenails to finish off my look. Block heels and an open toe sandal, my perfect cinderella slipper and no toes were harmed while wearing them throughout the day, something I was very conscious off. Who wants blisters? Especially before embarking on a Honeymoon full of walking. Not me.

With my hair I was torn between an up do and wearing my hair down. So many hair styles, so little time. The night night before we married, the night before my hairdresser appointment, I played around at the hotel and decided to go with a hair up style. It was around midnight, I’d had some champagne and I was downright tired. The decision was made, I’d settled for the option of a good sleep over countless hair tutorials.

A low bun with no strays. The decision wasn’t easy, but I wanted a look that would be hassle free and require little maintenance throughout the day. An up do also meant that I could secure my tiara and it would remain in place (with the help of a dozen hair grips and spray).



With a baby who lowers to grab, pull, you name it and a September wedding with unpredictable Scottish weather, I didnt want to leave my hair down and risk looking as though I’d been dragged through a hedge. I wanted to have wedding photographs that would do the day justice after all, you only get married once, believe me, once is enough too. I was shattered by the end of the evening.

For my make up look, I contemplated doing this in my own but opted for a full face of make up to be done at the local hairdresser salon, Linton and Mac. Boy  I’m glad that I did, I’d have never pulled together such a look on my own. My make up turned out just how imagined. A light coverage of foundation, a dewy glow with a hint of bronze and a gold smokey eye blended with light brown shades.

I opted against false eyelashes and went for mascara instead to give a less harsh effect, and finished off with a pink lip. Initially we tested out a nude lip but it was just too plain for the desired effect and blended into my skin tone which I didn’t want. It just didn’t look quite right but the pop of pink worked wonders.


I left the salon feeling totally over dressed and done up for a Tuesday but delighted with how my hair and make up had turned out. I walked back to the hotel feeling shy, my make up was extreme in comparison to my usual two minute fix up job and I thought that everyone was looking at me, after all it was a Tuesday morning, not exactly the timeof day for a Saturday night glam session.

I can’t thank the girls enough for helping to fix me up and I can’t imagine a better team to have  chosen to help with my Bridal glam. Plus, the glass of prosecco at 10AM gave some Dutch courage and went down a treat. Prosecco at 10AM by myself? Perhaps shouldn’t make a habit of that or announce it as public knowledge. Anyway, 1000 hair grips, a tin of hair spray and an hour later, I was good to go. Thank you Linton and Mac for a great Morning pamper.


Overall, I completed my look with a rhinestone birdcage veil which I fixed myself before headed to the suite to marry. I feel as though my Bridal style was quite 1920s flapper girl, and I pulled it together just as I wanted. Certainly not my every day style, nor something I could rock on an average day but on my Wedding day, I got to rock whatever the hell I wanted and I decided to go big or go home on the sparkles. I certainly wasn’t going home, it was an all out sort of day and I’d do it all again in a minute.

I can’t imagine myself ever having been the bride in the white dress with the bouffant blow dry. I done things on my own scale and I felt pretty damn amazing. My dress was ruined by the evening, with Eleanor spitting her medicine onto me, drool, you name it.

I was kneeling on the floor, playing with my baby and hitting the cake way too hard. I hardly held my bouquet, my faux fur got stashed under the Pram and forgotten and my tiara was a little lopsided by the end of the day. My high Street yellow dress had served me well and I had the greatest day. It wasn’t about looking perfectly polished or smelling of roses. It was about becoming a family with my family and close friends around, the meaning of our marriage is much deeper rooted than the dress ever could be.


As a Mum of a one year old, I expected no miracles and even as a Bride, I was still very much on Mum duty. My tiara may have fallen but my smile never once did. Can’t believe I’m saying this but I am. Now a Mother and a wife. I share the same name as my Husband and Daughter and I have high hopes for our future as a family.


Lots of love, Mrs Ross (I had to) x