An evening with Bombay Bicycle Club.

Hello all,

I’ll admit, this is unusual, it’s late. Tuesday night, okay.. Wednesday AM, just gone 12.30 in truth. Can you believe this? A Tuesday night I’ve managed to stay up past 8pm, Geez. Let me tell you a little about this magical evening.

For my Birthday, my Husband purchased gig tickets for bombay bicycle club (score). Tonight was the night, at Dundee’s Caird Hall so after Eleanor’s swimming and drop off at Grandmas for the night, we embarked on a quick change, a tin of cola – for fuel purposes, and drive down the road.

70s playlist all go, fireworks lighting the sky, and good spirits, the night was set to be a good un. When we arrived at Dundee we had a quick scan of our location and the food available, because that’s the most important question of the day, what’s for dinner? Am I right?

We opted for a Chinese buffet, quick, convenient and all too satisfying. A greasy mix of noodles, chicken and chocolate desserts, perfect. After having our fill, it was time for Caird Hall. I’ve never been but was genuinely surprised at how lovely the building is, both inside and out. Just what you would expect from a Grand Hall, with just enough pink walls and vintage interior to get me excited.

I had a gin and tonic, Euan a juice before finding our way to the wrong seats. OK, we was guided there incorrectly but no biggie. Eagerly awaiting the guys to arrive on stage, ready for what was to come. We missed the support, but that more was a deliberate act, rather than accidental. We haven’t had much success with support bands previous and food seemed the better option.

As expected, they hit the stage, lights flashing, jumping around and some loud ass bass, maybe even a little too loud. Am I allowed to say that? I am twenty seven after all, no longer a teeny bopper.

They played a set which included their newest album and of course some classics which everyone was sure to know and had everyone bouncing around the stalls and dancing on the floor. I was fully entertained and really glad to hear the classics from previous albums, carry me, luna and a few others which I’m sure you’d know if you are a fan.

Having previously seen these guys over ten years ago at a festival which I may or may not have a recollection of, I can fully say that it was a great show, full of good energy and happy vibes. At not one stage was my ears disappointed, Bombay Bicycle Club seriously committed and boy, those guys can move! Phew.

We headed home mid way through the last song of the set, carry me. Feeling satisfied and buzzed with energy, we got to the car after a short walk and headed back home. As it was dark, and nearly 11pm the roads were super quiet and we sailed home happily listening and singing away to some Spotify. I’m going to be so tired in my working day tomorrow but I’ll certainly not have any regrets, I’ll be a blissful tired.

I’m off to cosy up under the duvet and get some sleep if my head ever stops reciting songs and calms down. Honestly, gigs set off such good vibes it’s impossible to come down afterwards, sleep isn’t exactly in the equation. A full day of work to complete, followed by collecting our Daughter and sofa snuggles in the evening, if I can see it through for so long. If I’m lucky, we will all get away with bed and cuddles at 6.30pm.. A girl can dream.

Anyway, I just wanted to touch base and let you all know about my late night with My Husband, at our happy place, live music and good company. Perfect. I seriously have the best Husband, my best friend and gig buddie, here’s to many more gigs together. Lucky for us, I get to do it all again in two nights time for when we go to see Catfish and the Bottlemen, only a little more local at the Aberdeen new area. Though, I’ll save that for another blog – I need to keep myself busy after all.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week, has anyone been up to anything exciting? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.


Published by Keren Ross

Scottish Wife and Mother of one. Exploring life with her family and documenting it online.

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