Finding my feet with my life as a working Mum.

Hello again, and hello to my new followers. Thanks for taking the time to follow. As you may have noted after my spell of maternity leave, I am back to work and getting into the hang of the working environment once more. Its a challenging and tough time for myself, a time of having to let go and allow time away from my baby. A time that doesn’t always come easy but I know is for a good and worthy cause and a better future as a family.



It was always known I’d return to work following my maternity leave, financial ties and finding a balance for myself was all too important to justify staying home to care for Eleanor full time. I’d miss my work and the pleasure which it brings. With that in mind, while back at work, I miss my baby and have elements of guilt when I have to wave goodbye to her every other morning. It’s hard for me to walk out the door and be without her. It’s as though a limb has been missing and my hearts been stabbed. I miss her dearly.

Anyway, with that said, I must work to provide the lifestyle and the family that I want. Without work I’d be unable to have great days off with my baby and go out for coffee trips, shopping hauls and the rest of it. Holidays would be non existant and the quality of life would be sufficiently worse. So here I am, working part time as best as I can to create a life that’s worth living as a family and to aim to progress. I’ll give you an update of how I am getting on back at work as after all, this is what this post topic is set around.

I began back on the 6th of June,i felt calm and held myself together well. I was ready to return to the post I once knew so well. Of course there were elements of anxiety.. would I still know how to do my job? Did I still hold my locker key at hand? You know, little things that you can totally blow out of proportion and turn to big problems in your head? but rest assured, I got up, I got on and I completed my first day back at with. No blips, no tears, I just stuck my head down and allowed myseld to be at peace and familiarise with the environment once more.


Now having been back for some weeks I can say I am happy with my part time hours, working three days per week. The balance is pretty great and I’d struggle to find such a good weekly routine elsewhere. I really enjoy the work that I do and am committed to my career so it’s great to be back to it and back to a happy environment.

Eleanor is in great hands and has had no complaints as of yet, she’s been such a little gem and I couldn’t be any more proud of how far she has come and adapted. My baby girl isn’t such a little baby anymore. She is becoming fiercely independent and bold within herself. It makes me so happy to be playing the role of her Mother. My best friend really is the best little girl ill ever know and I’ll forever aim to work as hard as I can to allow us to have a family life that is fun, that is loving and full of happy memories.

I do of course miss my baby each day I’m at work but I try to keep busy, pass time and not give her too much thought, as otherwise I’d be out the door and on my way back home to her. On our days off, we make sure to get out and enjoy the day. We head to the play park, go for coffee trips and trips to the book store. We play, we read and we nap together. I ensure that my baby has the best days with myself and that I give her my all and full attention, and love when I’m with her.

It’s so important to interact with Eleanor and we really get on great in each others company. She brings out my best, I can be silly and I can crawl around the floor with her, I can dance all crazy and sing as bad as I want. She loves it all and her love that she shows from the attention I give her makes me realise there are no limits to the attention she requires and I’ll pull out all the stops to ensure she can go to sleep with a wee smile, happy thoughts and has a childhood that’s worth remembering.

I want her to know that her Mum and Dad worked endlessly hard and tough to raise her to be strong and independent and to give her a life that shows what living is. I want her to know just how important family is and family time is the best time, I want her to learn good habits and traits from myself and her dad and to learn about a healthy work ethic too. I don’t ever tell my baby that I dislike work or don’t want to go as I want her to see work as a good time apart and know that Mum and Dad do return after a days work or some time away. It’s perfectly healthy to be away from your baby for some time to do your thing providing your baby is in safe hands and being cared for effectively.

IMG_20180619_143813_159.jpgTime away has shown me that I am my

own person as well as a Mother and that I have to take control and do things for myself once more. I have learned that I don’t have to feel guilty of I’m not with my baby at all times and I have become more comfortable with getting out alone once again. My independence is making a return and I feel so refreshed and ready to be the best Mum I can be after a little break.

Keren x

2 thoughts on “Finding my feet with my life as a working Mum.

  1. Ozzy And Mummy

    Love this post, I’m due back to work next week and reading this really has taken away some of that anxiety of being away from my LO! Thank you & beautifully written 🙂 xx

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