Such a perfect day.

In the words of Lou Reed “it’s such a perfect day”


Sunday, glorious sunshine, family and good food. Yes, today has been pretty perfect, or as close to it as you can get and I don’t want it to end. You know the type of day? I’m in a state of bliss and sheer happiness, I feel comfortable and at ease and I feel happy.

I’ll begin with a run though of the day, we woke at around 730AM, Eleanor doesn’t really give much option for a lie in. Up, fed and dressed, ready to roll. We got the bags together and jumped in the car to the local park, ready to explore and enjoy a dose of vitamin D.

Behind Duthie Park there is an old rail line, the Deeside rail that you can use as a walking path which takes you right through to Banchory and makes for a lovely walk on a nice day. Full of blooms, shrubs and people out on family days, cycles, dog walks. It really is very beautiful, especially when the sun is shining and there is a bit of hustle going on.



With Eleanor tucked in the Pram and Fern on the lead we were good to go. We didn’t walk the whole distance as with a dog and a hungry baby that may have taken the whole day. We got out past Aberdeen though before turning back around and heading home for lunch. It was lovely just to walk, to talk and be in total sync with one another. I was sure to get some sunny snaps whilst we were at it. If you didn’t take a picture, did it actually happen? I’m all for photographs and making memories.

After we returned home and gave Eleanor lunch we done a wee drive up to my Mums as she was caring for Eleanor for the afternoon while we had a little date day, a trip to pizza express. A late Sunday lunch of pizza and rose wine, could it get better? It’s so important to have some down time as a couple when you become parents. So often your time is focused on baby and rightly so, but you do need to take time to care for one another too and enjoy time not being parents for five minutes.

A short but sweet trip and I must say, I left a little tipsy after my glass of wine. Tipsy, on a Sunday afternoon, can you believe it?? Wild. We walked back home by the river holding hands and feeling merry and returned to Mums to collect Eleanor and have a news with the family. I love family time and spending time up at my Mum’s (she has the good snacks).

Getting ready to head off home once again for the last leg of the day, my Mum gifted us with a care package. Biscuits, Tinned foods, Yogurt and whatever else you can imagine. You know, the good stuff that Mum’s tend to buy. A sweet gesture and a lovely wee hamper (carrier bag), that will keep us going a whole while I’m sure.

Now, I always tell my Mum that we don’t need nor want anything and she never takes a telling. Always picking up bits and bobs for us. The most generous and kind lady I have ever known. We have an inside joke that every time I go up to Mums, I leave with an extra bag. It’s true.

Back home, we sat down to a bowl of snacks and some juice and finished off the season of 13 reasons why, a show we began to watch on Netflix a few weeks back. After ending the season, it was time to head off for a big sleep after a busy, busy day. I went to sleep wishing that the day could go on forever, I was in a state of bliss.

Sunshine, good company and good food, they all make for the best of days and the greatest memories. These are the kind of day that I cherish and look back on with nothing but joy. Some times, all it takes is one day, one moment to change your mood, your views and perspectives. On this day, I’ve learnt that life really is beautiful and there is beauty everywhere, in everything, and everyone. My mood has been uplifted and for the past few months I’ve been feeling more calm, more comforted and generally grateful for everything and everyone that I have in my life.


Keren x


Published by Keren Ross

Scottish Wife and Mother of one. Exploring life with her family and documenting it online.

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