Exploring local – The great outdoors.

Having recently began our whole new family journey, I have discovered that the freedom that once existed with just the two of us has somewhat seemed to diminish and we have a whole new challenge when it comes to getting out the house lately.

I didn’t expect that such rigmarole would be created when trying to organise yourself and a baby. The check list is endless,even if you are just nipping out.. change bag, hat, blanket, car adaptors, food supplies,medication,and thats just to name a few. It is time consuming, no matter how organised you are.

Being keen on the outdoors and wanting to make the most of our family weekends, we have started to venture further afield than the local shopping centre. This means, getting out and making a day of it as there is no use in spending time getting organised to spend a short period outdoors unless absolutely necessary. With the better weather coming our way and more dry days ahead, we are keen to get out and find great scenic and historical places to visit.

I’m thinking picnics in the park, visiting local museums and trailing around local parks, following nature trails. Perfect day trips to spend as a family with the dog in tow that all makes for a great easy going weekend and accounts as part of a healthy and active lifestyle.

As we hope to move further from the City come time and live a little more rural, I think it is good to get a better idea of our surroundings and all that the countryside has to offer. As we scan for future ideas of home, we can also have a wee play with nature and make a day out of it.

We have spent some time scanning local landmarks and looking out for places to see, things to do as of late. Drum castle was the latest installment, we paid the grounds a short visit and are excited to go back and spend more time in that area. Having always been a City gal, I am ready for some place new to settle and call home. A place where there is more to offer a young family, a place to raise our children.

I particularly enjoy forest walks and nature trails, short hill walks. Just being outdoors on a dry and bright day can make my week. The outdoors can be very therapeutic and a place to reflect. We enjoy a day out to Countesswells forest, trailing through the mud and muck.

Scolty hill is a good wee spot to visit too, however, we haven’t braved a hill walk with the Pram, we will wait until Eleanor can walk unaided before venturing up any hill walks.

This has lead to the decision to take the plunge (all £7.50) of it and get ourselves a membership for the National trust Scotland. I feel that with a love for the outdoors and an active lifestyle, this will be perfectly suited to our family life and give us plenty of excuses to get up and get out for a day of exploring on a weekend. I think this will be great for Eleanor too, especially as she grows and begins to run around.

I’d love for Eleanor to grow to lead an active lifestyle and appreciate the great outdoors and local landmarks that surround us. If we start her out as a wee explorer and offer the best start for her in life, I’m hopeful that she will grow to appreciate the outdoors and all that getting outside has to offer. After all, the best medicine is fresh air and that costs nothing.

Life is for living and getting outdoors is the beginning.

Published by Keren Ross

Scottish Wife and Mother of one. Exploring life with her family and documenting it online.

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