Taking time out for friendship.

It is the weekend! Hurrah. I know every day is kind of the weekend for me right now but a Monday never brings the same feeling as a Saturday though, does it?

My partner is off with his good friend, all suited and booted to be wined and dined for a hospitality package day at the football, courtesy of his work (gotta get them perks in). With an early start, I waved goodbye around 10.30AM and set about my own day. Not one to waste a day away, especially not a weekend. I needed a plan of action.

To save from feeling like I have missed out on steaks and a free bar, I decided to meet up with my old friend for a coffee date on this sunny Saturday. It just so happens Euan was off to the football with her partner so it seemed like a great idea for us ladies to have an excuse to catch up. As if you ever need am excuse when it comes to a good friend.

Sunny but super chilly, it was a faux fur and hat day! Ready to venture out for a catch up and grab some coffee and a muffin while we were at it. I got myself and Eleanor all sorted and we went our travels to meet my friend Elaine. We headed up to her home as it was a short walk away and I wanted to see her cat, Molly as I hadn’t seen her yet.

After a quick stop in past, it was off for a coffee trip and when it comes to coffee, I am a woman on a mission. We opted for a pit stop at muffin break, a small and local chain with excellent coffee and treats. Eleanor slept the whole three hours we were out so there was plenty of opportunities for conversation and chit chat. From everything to work chat, child chat, holidays and wedding talk, we squeezed a whole lot in and could have went longer had conditions allowed. It’s so good to get a good talk with a friend, you feel like a weight is suddenly lifted and almost get a whole new lease of life afterward?

Or Perhaps that’s just me right now? Too much baby, not enough adult interaction. Seems rather likely, nevertheless a good talk with a good friend can work wonders for the mind and soul. I spend most of my days right now at home in my own company, caring for my baby. Don’t get me wrong, we get out and I see my Mother often but it’s not the same.

Anyway, it was great to get out and catch some sun, have a walk in the fresh cold  air and enjoy the company of a long time friend all while taking in the local sights. It’s not all that often we get the opportunity to get out and meet up so when the opportunity arises, it’s always quite special. Hell, it’s not often I get the chance to enjoy a day out right now as it is, especially not without difficulty or stress. If you can’t tell, I’ve become a bit of a stress head since having my baby, everything comes with a drama so much so that I sometimes wonder which of us is the baby. Myself or Eleanor?!

There always seems to be some sort of obstruction in the way of having a nice time. Today I was highly anticipating a struggle but actually, couldn’t have had a better day or a more content baby. Phew. I think our minds go into overtime from time to time and like to cause havoc, cause make up scenarios to shy us away from doing things.

I think when you have a good friend, it is always important to hold them close and make time to see each other.Life gets so busy and you lose track of time, all to often we don’t get the chance to see people we would like to see more often and sometimes even sending a simple message can become a long overdue task on the to do list.

I suppose this post is just to mark a lovely day out and to reflect on friendship. It feels good to get out and catch up with a close friend, to hear their stories and have a laugh together. Ideally, I’d have much more time on hand for friends but right now, that time is so very strained. I’m no longer fourteen and have the ability to go out to a friends uninvited at any hour of the day. A day out now has a while lot of planning behind it but you should never forget to take the time out for friends as sometimes they are the only people we have.



Published by Keren Ross

Scottish Wife and Mother of one. Exploring life with her family and documenting it online.

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