In Brugges.

I have some super exciting news and could use your help and advice. We have set our Honeymoon plans into action and booked up not one but two City locations in the heart of Europe. I am simply here to look for advice of things to see and do on our short trip across Europe. I’m looking to you guys for the advice and recommendations!

Here’s the thing, as we don’t have the time for a full Honeymoon with a child back home, we have just three days to get around and see as much as we can. First up, Amsterdam!! A City I have dreamt of visiting from my teenage years, finally making it across the pond and for good reason too.

Now we have a good idea of what we wish to do and have booked at hotel in a central location. What I’m on the hunt for is the museums you favour, any food haunts that are a must try, breakfast bars, cocktail bars? As this is our Honeymoon and most likely the only time we will have alone to holiday without our Daughter for many years, we are keen to get stuck in and make the most of our trip away together.

Next up, Brugges. Yep, another one to tick off the list and once again another City I’ve favoured ever since watching the movie ‘In Bruges’. What a beautiful place to explore and walk around. I’m really excited about this one. So romantic and dreamy. Get me there now.

The plan is, to hire a car from Amsterdam and to drive the journey to Bruges, we escape the hassle of public transport and can see more of the world in this way, go at our own pace and have a little more freedom. Perhaps step in past Delft on the way? When we hit Brugges, we have booked to stay in a suite on a boatel. Yep, a boatel. We have checked it out and done our reading, it just seemed the best place to spend our one night. It is romantic, central and more so, on a boat. Not something you can say you have done every day, huh?

Has anyone been to Brugges and can recommend a restaurant or activity for two? We are happy go lucky, enjoy culture, history and moreover just walking around and taking in the sights. If you think there is anything particular we should go see, fire away. Open to all suggestions.

We will be doing our own research and creating an itinerary as such bit it’s always nice to hear from others and find out about hidden gems around the world.

Keren x

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Scottish Wife and Mother of one. Exploring life with her family and documenting it online.

4 thoughts on “In Brugges.

  1. My advice is try and stop over for an hour or two in Delft, it is like mini Amsterdam but without all of the tourists. Like Amsterdam and Bruges it is a city with canals and is a delightful place. If you go then be sure to visit the Vermeer House and Museum.

    When it comes to restaurants always avoid the tourist places, follow the locals and where it is busy then you will find good food. There are nice places in the Market Square in Bruges but they can be expensive.

    I hope you have a wonderful time!

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    1. Thank you so much for this. Sounds fantastic and will definitely take some time to try to stop off in Delft. I’ll have to Google hunt this little gem you speak of. We are super excited to get on our travels and do a little exploring. As with the restaurant suggestions, that’s a great idea and something that I wouldn’t have thought to do. Take care!

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      1. I agree. Delft is a wonderful place and if you happen to be there on a Thursday you can experience the market in the main square. My other favourite place would be Venice but you need all three days there.

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      2. Thank you! We definitely plan to venture into Delft on our travels. Venice is beautiful and we would love to go there but I think that will have to wait for a few years. Forever in awe of it though and can’t wait to experience the City! X


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