The three days of Christmas. Build up to the big event.


Hey guys, so sorry to have been so quiet lately I’ve been really busy trying to catch up with the festivities and preparing for the big day.

I thought I’d post a little update of how I’ve been getting on and preparing for Christmas this year with a four month old baby. As Eleanor is so young, a lot of my time has been spent caring and focused on her and her development. I don’t have so much free time on hand to organise and prep for Christmas as I have had previous years. Although it isn’t all bad, I’ve missed the hustle and rush of the dreaded Christmas shoppers and saved a fortune while at it.

To remain organised I done most of my shopping months back and had it all wrapped and distributed early this month. It’s so hard with a baby to get round to visiting everyone you need to and hand out gifts. Even finding the time to buy can be tricky. I’ve had my presents wrapped and under the tree since the beginning of the month. Raring to go. I suppose it’s part organisation, part excitement. Okay, mostly excitement.

As it is Eleanor’s first Christmas we have decided to spend the day at home just the three of us and make special memories. Well,four of us including our dog Fern. Christmas has to be extra special this year and all about family, not only do we now have a daughter, early this month we discovered that Fern, who is just three years old (or twenty one in dog years) has mammary cancer. Not the news anyone wants for their pet, especially at this sacred time of the year. Some time out alone is what we need.

This weekend, the 23rd we have a meal with Euans half of the family. I’m quite excited for this, Euan had two weeks off of work now and what better way to celebrate that than with a big family meal out? The first time in a long time that we have been able to do this as family is spread so widely around the world. I’ve ensured Eleanor has a pretty festive dress to wear so she looks her Christmas best and I am yet to source an outfit that shines. I’ll get there, don’t worry.

I plan to write a post about our family meal and the whole event of Christmas day as soon as I have the substance required to write. For now, I’m biding my time and looking forward to making memories at this special time.

On Christmas eve, we will take a drive up to my family home and spend the day with my parents and siblings and enjoy a nice dinner between us. I think Chinese food may be calling, something which I’m most definitely looking forward to. Besides, I always like to catch up with my Mum, even if I do see her around three times each week!

For Christmas day on Monday, we plan an easy going day. Slow paced with a lie in if conditions allow and a breakfast feasting on bacon rolls – a family tradition I might add. We will spend the day opening gifts, this year we have double to open as with Eleanor being so young, she won’t understand the concept of opening gifts yet, we get to have all the fun instead. Ho ho ho. Following the presents, a nice walk with Fern is on the cards before a day of feasting and having a cosy day on the couch with Christmas movies.

I’m cooking the dinner for the first time, gladly there is no pressure as it’s just us two who will be eating it and if all fails, I’m sure we will have left over Chinese food to devour. Ain’t all bad. Unless of course out oven that has been playing up decides to kick the bucket for the big day leaving us without much choice but to eat Chinese food anyway.

Right, I’m off to try and find the perfect outfit to see me through this festive weekend and if I’m lucky, I’ll catch a mulled wine or two later on tonight. It’s Christmas after all and it would be a shame to waste those Mince pies I have stashed away.

I’ll be lucky if I find an outfit that’s fits at the rate I’m going. Wish me luck.


Keren x

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