The wonder weeks. Week nine.

Wow! How can my baby be nine weeks old already? Boy, time sure flies by. It really is true what they say. Time certainly is precious and not to be taken for granted. As I have just began to learn.

Oops. I came to realise that I haven’t posted any updates of Eleanor lately and as a new Mum, one very proud new Mum I feel it’s time to give you all a wee update on my little snuggle bug. At nine weeks (yes, nine weeks!) Eleanor has come on leaps and bounds, by the day I am noticing changes within her. My little lady. I can’t believe how quickly the time is passing with her. The days and the weeks have all merged into one and I often lose track of the days.


I want to treasure and remember as much of this time with my Eleanor as I can. It is so important to me to spend as much quality time with her as I can. With that notion, I have decided that I am going to post updates of Eleanor on my blog rather frequently so I can have something to look back on and make comparisons with.

The wonder weeks.

Smiling: That’s right, we have smiles! Lots of big and beautiful gummy smiles each and every day. I love it. There is nothing better than being faced with your babies gummy smile as she stares at you and watches her surroundings in amazement. Especially waking up to those smiles, it is enough to make your day. I absolutely love it and love that she is beginning to interact so much with us. Her personality is really starting to shine and we cannot wait to get to begin to know more about her. Each day brings with it something new. Life is amazing.

Sound: Eleanor has began to pay so much attention to the noise around her and different sounds.Taking in the world around her. I’ve began playing music frequently for her in the home (all the good bands, don’t worry) and I  introduce a little play time with rattles and noisy soft toys. Though she is not so interested yet, she does watch to follow the noise and has started to grab out for items all while making little noises of her own. ADORABLE.

As we continue to introduce play and interact more I can only imagine how alert she will become. I find that interacting is so important with her and super helpful for aiding development and developing her personality.

Eleanor has also began to make little noises of her own and tell stories as it were. If I let her kick about on her mat, I watch and listen as she gaggles and babbles away. I wonder what goes through her head when she does this. What is she thinking? It amazes me. The little playful noises which she makes melt my heart.

Muscle control: By the day my little toot is becoming stronger and stronger. She can now sit and support her head for a small amount of time, she can work her arms and legs like no other. Grabbing is certainly a ‘thing’. Eleanor loves to grab! Don’t be fooled, those tiny hands are powerful! I’m glad I decided to cut off most of my hair, before long, I will be losing the necklaces and earrings too. I love to watch as she grows and becomes a little lady, she is coming on leaps and bounds and before long I am sure she will be sitting up all by herself! I have a sit and play chair just waiting to be unboxed in a short while!


I also like to introduce some tummy time during the day time while she is alert so that she learns to try to support herself and hold her head while on her tummy. She is not the biggest fan of tummy time but I try to incorporate what I can while she allows it.

I am excited to share with you all that we begin swim lessons next week in the form of a ten week block now that Eleanor has had her jags. I am looking forward to this class a lot. Swimming is a great life skill to have and as parents we each wanted to get this started early. Not just to encourage Eleanor to be a strong swimmer and confident in the water but to incorporate this as part of an active and healthy lifestyle which we will continue to maintain as she grows.

The lessons will be great for helping her to become stronger and also for meeting other parents and babies of the same age group. This should help encourage with interaction and social skills as well as growing our bond. I’m not sure how I will get on taking her to class on my own, especially as I am not confident in the water or confident being in public if she is to kick up a fuss, as babies do! I’ll be sure to post a blog about our swimming experience through the weeks. Keep your eyes peeled.

Sleep and settling: Hurrah! Sleep is golden right? Fortunately since beginning the treatment for reflux with Ranitidine, Eleanor has began to settle and will go down for a nap in solid blocks of sleep. This is fab, it allows me so much time to get on with daily tasks and catch up. I can stop chasing my tail and guess what? I even shower without interruption. I have also started to get the time to sit down with a cuppa and read while she naps on her chair. I’m not a big TV watcher and reading is something I have missed rather dearly but slowly I’m starting to get to incorporate this into my routine once again.

In the evening Eleanor will go to sleep after her last feed of the night between 9-10 PM and thereafter she sleeps near enough right through. Cluster feeding has come to a welcome end and feeding is now in the format of a routine.

I don’t yet sleep in solid blocks as I’m forever waking to check on her and ensure she is okay but it makes such a difference to myself now that I don’t have her waking up each and every hour. I certainly feel more lively and Eleanor is more alert during the day time which I love.

“It’s just a phase and it will pass”.


Colic: I’m glad to say I feel that the worst of our colic has began to pass. Eleanor settles so well now and the periods or sporadic crying for hours have almost came to a halt altogether which is such a life changer. We have a whole different baby it seems. Eleanor is such a happy little lady.  I love to see her this way, it’s great she can settle now and if she does cry it’s generally due to hunger these days.

I’m so proud of her progress and I can’t wait to see what is next to come. Her development is making such big steps each and every week. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated with how we are getting on.





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