A Festive make over, a seasonal wardrobe update.


I recently found myself looking to change my dull and lifeless hair. I was stuck for what to do and bored of the same old box dyes and basic cut. I finally plucked up some courage and dragged myself out to Salon 41 for some highlights. Unsure of how the turn out would be,and having not visited the salon before, I didn’t expect much. I was prepared to be underwhelmed and leave just as unhappy with my look as I was when I entered the salon.

It’s safe to say I was pleasantly surprised when the end result ended up as a a golden blonde head of hair. I can’t believe the turn out and effect the highlights had on my hair. I love it and think this may just become a regular occurrence. A day trip to the hairdresser to update my look and build on those highlights. I’m definitely looking to stick to blonde and work on colour building to become even lighter.

On an impulse just two short weeks after having my hair initially  highlighted,  I decided that I wanted to go short…again. I prefer to have short hair but when it’s short, I always long to have flowing wavy locks down to my hips.  Sod it, I went to the hairdresser on a whim and got the lot chopped off. Going shorter than I have ever been and do you know what? It feels great. I feel like I finally have the cut and finish that is me,  I’ll be sticking with this look for the long haul. I can’t believe how much it shapes my face and how full of life my hair has become. I’m finally happy with my hair. Something that I’ve never been fully content with or been able to get just quite right.


Along with a hair overhaul, I’ve had an ahem.. a little wardrobe update for the festive season and will feature my recent buys below.

Beware, this feed will contain glitter, faux fur, velvet and satin. All things festive. All of the things that I love and favour.  Don’t you just love the high street at Christmas time? It’s full of glitz and glamour, I could troll stores for hours and try on every single item that shines. I am certainly a magpie for sparkle. I absolutely adore the festive season and the fashion that comes with it. Especially the glitzy dresses and the glamorous accessories. A beaded mini clutch bag you say?!

Headbands with embellishments, a variety of seasonal hats from berets to beanies. Colourful and bold earrings, flowing necklaces and plunging necklines. The range of handbags on offer. From practical to the not so practical but completely fabulous. Can you guess I’m a fashion addict?


Big gold hoops (a year round classic of mine), faux fur, vinyl, the block fur heels. I can’t get enough of the high street and the quality of goods it contains. I’m hoping to get a few good purchases in this season.

Next up on my hit list to buy is a fitted jumpsuit to be dressed up or down. As soon as I track one down that I love and that fits my short ass well enough, I’ll be sharing and showcasing the ways that I style it with you bunch. I have my eyes on a satin number from Topshop but will hold off until I’m sure it’s the perfect jumpsuit for me this season. I’m also after a faux fur handbag from Topshop that caught my beady eye on a recent trip to store. Light pink, fluffy and fabulous. I need to get my hands on it for sure as well as a glitter head band with some pretty beaded embellishment.

Check below for my recent purchases that I will be wearing over the coming weeks. I can’t get enough of Autumn/Winter and the wardrobe to go with it. Can you?


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